Fortran programs associated with Earth and
Space Science:

(1) Solution to the classic two-body gravitational problem
for two arbitrary masses (i.e., provides the
analytical solution for times, angles, speeds, and
distances; the program also lists these calculated values
in output ASCII tables to screen)
(Here are the output tables
(5 degree angle sampling) for the Sun/Earth system where
mass of the Sun is 1 and mass of the Earth is 3e-6 in solar

(2) Three-body gravitational problem and the five classic
Lagrangian points. This three-body problem has two large
masses and one infinitesimally small mass.
(Here is a schematic
diagram of this three-body problem and the five Lagrangian points)

(3)Planetary impact speeds from asteroids, comets, etc.
(Here is the output ASCII table from this impact program)

Amateur Astronomy images from 1980's:

(1) Pleides and Hyades star clusters (August, 1983)
(2) Moon at Dusk (August 24, 1982)
(3) Cassiopeia (August, 1983)
(4) Andromeda and Cassiopeia (August, 1983)
(5) Cephius (August, 1983)
(6) Milky Way near Aquila (July, 1983)