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1970-2016 Profile and Total Column Ozone from the SBUV Instrument Series


The SBUV MERGED OZONE DATA SETS are monthly-mean zonal and gridded average products constructed by merging individual SBUV/SBUV/2 (total and profile ozone) satellite data sets. NO external calibration adjustments have been applied. Intercalibration of the SBUV instruments in Version 8.6 is accomplished within the algorithm at the radiance level. Remaining offsets (sub 10%, mostly sub 5% levels) between instruments exist, but their cause is not understood. We therefore do not make adjustments to the data. Rather we set limitations on the data included in the merged product based on data quality analysis by the instrument team and on comparisons with independent measurements. Details of the instruments/algorithm, data selection and construction of the final data sets are provided by following the links above.

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MOD Release 6
Jan 1970 - Feb 2016
Last Modified 17 May 2016

5° ZONAL MEAN Daily Merged Overpass

**Note that the 5° Zonal Mean file is in a new format that includes both profile and total ozone data. The total ozone data in the previous format is available here.
**The overpass files used to construct the Daily Merged Overpass Product are available here.

MOD Data Set Modifications

Periodic updates will be made as new data become available, adding to and possibly changing ozone values at the end of the data set. Changes to existing data may occur as updates to particular data sets become available, and are averaged with the data previously included in the merged data set. These changes are tracked below.

Last Modification: 17 May 2016

Release 6:

  • Update full N19 record using most recent revised calibration (April 2016).
  • Extend N19 through February 2016.
  • Update Daily Overpass Product using MOD Release 6 data selection.

Last Modification: 02 November 2015

Release 5:

  • Update full N19 record using most recent revised calibration (Jan 2015).
  • Extend N19 through July, 2015 (Feb-Jul 2015 extrapolated calibration).
  • Minor updates to filtering scheme for all instruments.
  • Update Daily Overpass Product using MOD Release 5 data selection.

Last Modification: 12 November 2014

Release 4:

  • Extend N19 through June, 2014.
  • Extend N16 through end of instrument record, May, 2014.
  • Update full N16 and N19 records using most recent revised calibration. Note the updated calibration changed N16 values in particular over the length of the record.
  • Update Daily Overpass Product using MOD Release 4 data selection.

Last Modification: 04 September 2013

Release 3:

  • Extend N16/N19 through July, 2013.
  • Update full N16 record using most recent revised calibration.
  • Update Daily Overpass Product using MOD Release 3 data selection.

Last Modification: 10 May 2013

Release 2:

  • Update full N17/N18 records using most recent revised calibrations.
  • Extend N16/N18 through 2012.
  • Inlcude N19 record from launch in 2009 through 2012.

Last Modification: 25 Aug 2012

Release 1:

  • Use only measurements made when instrument orbit is within 8am - 4pm Equator Crossing Time (ECT) range.
  • Do not include N9 Data.
  • Extend N11 to ECT of 5:50 pm to maintain coverage through 1994 - 1995.
  • Profile Only: Filter data after eruptions of El Chichon and Mt. Pinatubo volcanos.
  • Total Only: Include N9 Total Ozone solely to fill gaps in N11 coverage. Profile Ozone in these cases set to 0 (missing value).
  • Construct Daily Overpass Product using MOD Release 1 data selection rules.

Previous Modifications

For a complete history of the Merged Ozone Data Sets, please see Modification History.

For more information on data availability for specific instruments, please see Instrument Summary.

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