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(Airborne Raman, Ozone, Temperature and Aerosol Lidar)

The AROTEL instrument is a collaboration between scientists at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Langley Research Center. The instrument was designed and constructed to be flown on the NASA DC-8, and to measure vertical profiles of ozone, temperature and aerosol. The instrument transmits radiation at 308, 355, 532, and 1064 nm. Depolarization is measured at 532 nm. In addition to the transmitted wavelengths, Raman scattered signals at 332 nm and 387 nm are also collected. The instrument was installed aboard the DC-8 for the SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE) which deployed from Kiruna, Sweden, during the winter of 1999-2000 to study the polar stratosphere. During this time, vertical profile measurements of backscatter at IR, visible and UV wavelengths within polar stratospheric clouds, ozone and temperature were made.

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