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For Our Colleagues
Scientific/Technical Information

For Our Colleagues

This site contains scientific and technical information that is intended for use by our scientific colleagues. None of this information is classified or sensitive in nature, and the proper paperwork has been filed with NASA authorities to permit this information to be placed on a public web site. Nevertheless, many of the pages on this site will likely be confusing or unappealing to a general audience. For such an audience, we have a more public-friendly web site about our organization.

Below is a list of links which are relevant to our Lab. Some of these links point outside this web site, and some point to sites not administered by our Lab. These links are here because they are likely to be useful to our colleagues, and because they all have to do with activities with which our Lab is closely affiliated. Not all of the pages linked to by this site are polished or visually pleasing. But that is not their point; with limited resources, their authors decided to give working science communications a higher priority than fashionable web design.