MERRA-2 GMI is a simulation for the atmospheric composition community, driven by MERRA-2 winds, temperature, and pressure and coupled to the Global Modeling Initiative's (GMI) stratosphere-troposphere chemical mechanism run at ~50 km horizontal resolution and output onto the native MERRA-2 grid (0.625o lon x 0.5o lat). It is part of a joint collaboration between the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory (ACDL) and the Goddard Modeling and Data Assimilation Office (GMAO) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. A suite of tracers has been included to evaluate and quantify both tropospheric and stratospheric transport. The simulation is interactively coupled to the Goddard Chemistry Aerosol Radiation and Transport (GOCART) module and includes similar emissions to what was used for MERRA-2, although MERRA-2 GMI does not constrain the total optical depth to observations like in MERRA-2. Specialized output collections include satellite overpass and high temporal resolution (e.g. 1-hrly and 3-hrly), to facilitate comparisons with observations. Currently the products generated span 1980-2016 and periodic continuation will be done as emission datasets become available.


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Model Components

Global Modeling Initiative (GMI) chemical mechanism
Goddard Chemistry Aerosol Radiation and Transport (GOCART) Aerosol module
Tracer Suite


NASA Scientific Visualization Studio
Total Column Ozone Southern Hemisphere July-Oct. 2002