Other stuff at and near Ellington

Super Guppy

The WB-57F shares this part of the airfield with a other groups. The Super Guppy sits just outside our window. It's an aircraft used to ferry large cumbersome payloads.


Another aircraft used by NASA to train astonauts under weightless conditions is this 707 (actually a KC-135) under the JSC Reduced Gravity Program. This plane is affectionately referred to as the "vomit comet".

Immediately to the north of us is the Coast Guard, an Army National Guard Unit, and the 147th fighter group of the Air National Guard.

An F-16 taxis by building 994.

A NASA T-38 landing at Ellington.

Down the road at JSC

Down the road from us is the main Johnson Space flight center. Shown here is a Saturn V booster. The Saturn V was used to boost the Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Here's a picture of Tom Kucsera of GSFC standing next to the engine nozzles of the Saturn V. These nozzles are on the far end of the picture shown above.

San Jacinto Battlefield

East of Houston and to our north is the San Jacinto battlefield where Sam Houston and the Texans defeated General Santa Anna on April 21, 1836. The Texans built a 570 foot monument which has a nice observation deck up on the top.

Next to the San Jacinto battlefield is moored the USS Texas. In 1914 this was a state-of-the-art dreadnought.

Contrary to popular belief, the Super Guppy was not designed to carry the USS Texas.

Photos taken by Paul A. Newman of NASA/GSFC.

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