GOME-2 version 26 (V26) 740 nm terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence data

provided by Joanna Joiner on a best effort basis (both MetOp-A and MetOp-B data now available)



Level 2 and 3 data as well as all tools, docs, and browse images have been moved to AVDC! Click here for the link.






Acknowledgements and updates

Funding for this work was provided in 2011-2013 by the

NASA Carbon Cycle Science program (NNH10DA001N).

The authors are indebted to Phil Durbin and his team

 for assistance with the GOME-2 satellite data.

  We gratefully acknowledge EUMETSAT

 for making available the GOME-2 data used here.

NASA ROSES funding for this work has been discontinued;

updates to the provided data set are provided on a best effort basis and on request.

Please contact Joanna Joiner (Joanna.Joiner@nasa.gov) for any further inquiries.


*Thank you to Yoichi Shiga for providing the Matlab reader


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