GOCART Model Calculated Aerosol Optical Thickness

The following links contain the monthly averaged aerosol optical thickness calculated from the GOCART model.  The results will be updated periodically.  If you plan to use any of the model results here, please contact Mian Chin ( Mian.Chin@nasa.gov ) or Paul Ginoux ( Paul.Ginoux@noaa.gov ) and cite appropriate references:

Monthly averaged column aerosol optical thickness

The monthly averaged aerosol optical thickness (under all sky conditions) from the GOCART model are given in GIF images or ASCII files.  If you would like to obtain the ASCII files, please send email to Mian Chin to obtain information on downloading the files.

(Click here for key information about the model, e.g., emission, transport, and optical thickness calculations)
(Click herefor latitude-longitude information of the model output)

Last update:  9/24/2004