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We can provide login access for scientific colleagues who are engaged in active collaborations with Laboratory scientists. Because of NASA's increased emphasis on computer security, the process for creating such accounts is more formal and requires some paperwork.

Step 1: Obtain NASA Agency registration and authorization

If you already have login access to NASA computers at Goddard Space Flight Center, then this step is already done, and you can skip to Step 2 below. (Note, however, that at some point in the future, you may need to jump through additional Agency-mandated hoops to get an account on our system.)

If you do not have access to NASA computers at Goddard, then you will need to register with the NASA "IdMax" system and request some "NAMS" permissions. This process will include reading and signing the computer rules of behavior put out by Goddard's Code 600. And you may have to wait a while for approval; that is out of our hands. Note that for foreign nationals, the process will involve more bureacracy, more required approvals, federal investigations, and consequently a lengthier wait. We would like to tell you here exactly what NAMS permissions you will need to request, but NASA changes that every now and then, and anything we put down here will become out of date with no one notifying us. (But that won't stop the NASA Web Patrol from dinging us for out-of-date web pages, so it's best for us not to get into specifics here.)

Also, please note that we require two-factor authentication when you log in from remote sites. Currently the official NASA way of doing two-factor is to use NASA-issued IV cards, or RSA tokens for people who cannot get PIV cards. Thus, you may need to apply for an RSA token at the same time you apply for your other NAMS permissions.

Step 2: Fill out a form to access the Code 614 cluster.

Contain us again, and we will get the proper local form. While Step 1 is a necessary prerequisite for all NASA computer access, this form is local to us and applies only to our cluster. This form will involve paper rather than online forms, because if we were to use online forms to collect this information then a whole bunch of new NASA IT security requirements would apply to us, and that kind of pain is just not worth the convenience of online forms.

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